Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness in Bristol 

Anima Sana (healthy inner self) is a counselling, psychotherapy and personal development service to help you get the most out of life. Jaime Reininho is an experienced BACP accredited psychotherapist, providing solution focused counselling centred on your needs, long term psychotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Mindfulness, communication skills coaching, couple counselling and family therapy in Clifton, Bristol. You can book an appointment with him, or discuss your query, by calling him on 07902 850 371 or emailing him on [email protected]. You can find out more about Jaime and his qualifications and experience on this site.


I create a space of non-judgement, confidentiality and warm empathic listening, with deep regard for you as a person, where hopefully you will feel safe and comfortable to open up without fear of showing your emotions. You can talk to me about anything, even very sensitive issues. You are unique, so I will tailor make therapy to suit your needs, first by understanding what is happening with you and what you want to achieve and then by using my knowledge and experience to best help you start addressing what is not working. I can be intuitive and insightful and I am often able to articulate for you the emotions and thoughts that can be so hard to feel or identify. Most of the time I understand fairly quickly the root cause of the problems you are experiencing and will try to help you gain an understanding of what you can do to start feeling better. I was formally trained in the psychodynamic and CBT models. I also picked up along the way a variety of other approaches. Here are some of them:


Usually 2-6 sessions, suitable when there is a very specific problem, without wider ramifications. The focus will then be on every small realistic step that can be taken to improve symptoms. Sometimes it can make a difference just being heard a couple of session by someone not involved with you and able to understand and reflect back your thoughts and feelings.


Is offered to those who need more time to get to the core of what makes them unhappy in order to deal effectively with more deeply seated behaviour patterns and negative core beliefs.


CBT is widely accepted as an evidence-based and effective psychotherapy for many disorders. CBT addresses negative thoughts and unhelpful behaviours in order to change the way we feel and so gain greater balance in life.


Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment without judgement. Many of the difficulties we face, like anxiety, depression, anger and lack of confidence can be helped with the practice of Mindfulness. It can bring a sense of balance and tranquillity in our lives and increase our well-being significantly. I practise Mindfulness and teach it to my clients. They find it very helpful.


CFT helps us develop a kinder and more compassionate approach to ourselves. It helps us be more aware of how often the inner critic voice takes over our mind. It helps us understand how this adds to our common problems, making it more difficult to deal with them. It aims to create a sense of safety in the troubled world of our fears. This is done through exercises that nurture soothing and self reassuring and help us in our daily struggle to love ourselves.


Is the art of being aware of and express our feelings and needs as well being able to request what we would like to change, whilst at the same time respecting the other person and being aware of their feelings, needs and wants. I practise and teach this form of communication to help improve relationships in couples, with children, in the family and at work. This can also be a major tool in dealing with any conflicts.


I help couples address their relationship problems mostly in a twofold way:

  • Through coaching communication skills, which will improve the way they listen to each other and express how they feel, what they need and what they want, in a more compassionate and effective way.
  • Using CBT and other approaches to develop a better awareness of their expectations, underlying assumptions and to help them consider whether they need to change them.

During couple counselling it is also possible to have individual sessions for each person. When it is not possible to save the relationship our work will then focus on how to manage the separation in a respectful way. I provide counselling to both heterosexual and homosexual couples.


Is used to address the problems within the family and usually involves one or both parents and one or more of the children. I help parents and children deal with a variety of problems and situations that affect relationships within the family and I try to use the approach that best fits the situation. When there is a need to improve the way people interact, I teach listening and communication skills. Sometimes there is a need for conflict mediation or anger management. Support for parenting skills is an important element in many cases. Sometimes we can explore how unhelpful assumptions and behaviours contribute to maintaining the problems, as well as how these can be changed to improve relationships. My past experience as a parenting adviser can help facilitate solutions to common problems.