You are probably reading this because something is making you unhappy and you don’t feel able to manage it on your own. In counselling and psychotherapy you can talk safely and confidentially about your concerns with a professional who will help you understand your issues and find ways to regain your wellbeing.
Maybe you are stressed out about a personal or work related issue. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by low mood or anxiety and this is preventing you from living your life fully. Or maybe you struggle with low self esteem and lack of confidence, are going through relationship difficulties, or experienced a significant loss. Or maybe your anger is spilling out in ways that could be damaging.
Perhaps you feel shame or guilt about something you have done or someone has done to you. Possibly you need to talk about issues that are sensitive and hard to express. In counselling and psychotherapy you can talk safely about anything without fear of being judged or blamed. And when you are lost or helpless you may also get some guidance on how to change what is not working.


Over the years I have successfully helped many hundreds of people overcome a variety of difficulties, such as:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety, worry, panic attacks, phobias
  • Obsessions, intrusive thoughts, OCD
  • Stress at work or in personal life
  • Challenging life circumstances such as:
    • loss
    • bereavement
    • loneliness
    • unemployment
    • retirement
    • health problems
    • relationship breakdown or separation
    • financial difficulties
    • academic failure, etc.
  • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence or assertiveness, indecisiveness, shyness,
  • Procrastination
  • Addiction
  • Shame and guilt
  • Stress after a traumatic event
  • Anger management and expressing strong emotions in a safe and healthy way
  • Family conflicts
  • Marriage and relationship difficulties
  • Sexual orientation
  • Intercultural issues
  • Personal identity
  • Harassment and intimidation at work and job related stress
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse, present or past

Coaching and Personal Development

Maybe your life is fundamentally fine but you might want to improve one or two areas by exploring and learning some new skills or tools, different attitudes and ways of being, like communication skills, parenting, how to overcome stress, develop your self awareness, become calmer. Then perhaps coaching or personal development is what you are looking for.
I have experience as a coach and trainer and can help you, as an individual, develop in a variety of areas. I believe that at the heart of personal or self-development is self knowledge. I think that for a healthy and happy life, it is necessary to be aware of what happens within your body, soul and mind.
Self-awareness has been an important element in many spiritual streams since ancient times. For example, it is central to the practice of Buddhism and was present in Ancient Greece as depicted in the inscription, “Know thyself”, at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.
Here is a list and brief description of the areas I can help you develop.
Know yourself better
 Learn to become more aware of your feelings and emotions and to notice what they are telling you about how life is working for you. Look after yourself better  Learn to identify your needs better and become more effective at meeting them.
Develop your capacity to live in the present with full awareness of yourself and what is around you with acceptance.
Increase your confidence and learn to express yourself clearly and effectively in a way that others will listen to, whilst gaining their respect.
Non-violent communication 
Express clearly and non aggressively how you feel and ask for what you want effectively, whilst taking the needs of others into consideration too.
Anger management 
Learn to express and receive strong emotions in a safe and healthy way Conflict resolution  Learn about negotiating win-win solutions.
Art of listening 
Learn to be more aware of others and to acknowledge what they are going through. Stress Learn how to handle stressful situations better.
Learn to give helpful constructive feedback to others and to yourself.
Being a parent is possibly the hardest thing we will ever do. It can be a lonely task for which we had no training. I can help you in areas like:

  • How to relate better to your children/teenagers and how to understand their behaviour
  • Dealing with tantrums, anger, challenging behaviour and sorting out arguments and conflict in the family
  • Shouting less and co-operating more
  • Helping children’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Living in multi-cultural families

Procrastination Learn to how to become more effective at doing today what you feel like doing tomorrow.